FreedomPop Marches Into Spain

FreedomPop is coming to Spain and doing so in an incredibly unique way. The budget mobile phone service makes its debut in the country through the popular WhatsApp service. Mobile World Live covers the news and reveals FreedomPop sees WhatsApp as being the basis for eventual growth potential in Spain. The management of FreedomPop optimistically looks to the future and sees up to one million subscribers in two years.

FreedomPop launched in the United States from its Los Angeles office with a desire to make a mark in the budget mobile phone industry. The business believed – correctly – people would notice a mobile service that provides totally free phone, text, and data. Also correct was the notion a solid number of subscribers would pay for expanded service.

All of this proved true and FreedomPop was a hit in the U.S. and a big success in the U.K. The company is now expanding across 31 countries thanks to raising $50 million in investment funds.

Spain is an interesting territory for the company to enter. WhatsApp makes up a massive amount of texting use in Spain thanks to the app being totally free. FreedomPop is sure its previous business model of success will repeat itself in Spain.


Personal Care Workers must be given their Dues for Every Extra Hour They Work

In 2014, the state of California passed a labor bill that removed any overtime exemption that personal caregivers had. Under this Californian labor law, caregivers are not exempt from working overtime. This means that all workers who work more than the stipulated 9 hours a day must be paid for every extra hour that they have worked.

Previously, personal care givers could work for a full 24 hours and not claim a single dollar of extra pay. However, after the passing of the law, two years ago, this does not apply today. With the new changes to the little known Domestic Worker Bill of Rights; any personal care worker that toils for over nine hours, or 45 hours a week, ought to be paid for all the extra hours they put in their job.

What this Means for 24 hour Caregivers

Caregivers expected to provide 24 hour care to kids, elderly people or even patients must be paid accordingly. Given the $10 per hour minimum wage imposed in 2016, these caregivers ought to be paid about $315 per day. This is in complete compliance of the law. Today, many caregivers and personal attendants are currently unaware of these changes two years after they were made. This has resulted in a huge and substantial unpaid overtime claims for many people.

However, it is still possible that many employers are also unaware of these changes and thus have not been able to implement them. Others have successfully convinced their employees that they are independent contractors hence the law does not apply to them. Employees who have been denied pay for extra hours put in must report their employers for corrective action to be taken.

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Lawyer Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is an experienced lawyer currently based in New York, New York. He has had a long and successful career in various legal fields including family law, entertainment law and matrimony law. He is also good at negotiating deal agreements and looking over contracts’ fine print to ensure that the interests of his clients are completely met and represented. Abelow did his law degree at Brooklyn Law School.

Ross Abelow is listed on Lawyer Lighthouse, a website that allows people to look for licensed lawyers and hire them based on their personal and professional information found on the site. Abelow was registered in 1990 when he was admitted to the bar. Today, he is a managing partner at a New York based law firm called Abelow & Cassandro LLP.

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Why Does George Soros Think The EU Is In Terrible Danger?

George Soros is not concerned about security because refugees are coming into Europe. He knows that these refugees are scared for their lives, and he feels for them as they leave their homelands because they would be killed otherwise. George Soros has seen the news stories that show these poor people sitting on the shores of Greece waiting to move on, and he feels terribly for the people who have had their habitats moved in France.

Mr. Soros is a brilliant investor on who has a plan for Europe that will prevent the European Union from falling apart. He is afraid that strife over how to handle the refugees could cause the union to collapse, and George Soros thinks that it could happen soon unless a decision is made.

He wants to see leaders step up to start paying their fair share to help the refugees on who are in the most danger. Every one of these refugees is going to be put in a position where they need to get to a place in Europe where they have family or they know that they can settle. These people have not necessarily been allowed to go to these places, and they have been forced to wait while the EU decides what to do.

The other side of the problem is countries saying they will leave the EU because of how it is being handled. These countries are afraid to start paying for refugees, but they need to understand that every refugee can help. George Soros has a family history that goes back to the holocaust, and he knows what it means when people are pushed out of their homes. The most important part of this process is helping to get people where they want to go.

Mr. Soros also believes that every country in the EU should pitch in a small amount of money to assist refugees. The money can be used by refugees to get on their feet when they reach their destination, and they can begin to build new communities in Europe. Europe is already a melting pot, but he thinks that some countries will reject the plan because they do not want to feel like they are being infiltrated.

There are a few countries who have leaders that must be more vocal, and he believes that Angela Merkel could do a great job of leading the EU if she were to use her country’s history to speak on helping refugees. She is, in Mr. Soros’ eyes, the last hope for unified policy.

Mr. Soros fears for the future of the EU because there is nothing close to a consensus on how to help refugees. Some countries do not want to help at all, and they are threatening to leave outright. The problem will continue to get worse the longer the EU waits to make a decision, and they will put thousands in jeopardy who are waiting for asylum. Mr. Soros wants to see these people given asylum, assistance and the helping hand they need.

Kheradpir Making It at Coriant

A changing of the guard is never an unusual nor a bad thing in any company, big business or place of employment. As far as Coriant goes, they have become aware of this now thanks to a recent decision involving the top people in place.

Coriant, a known telecommunications company has just recently named Shaygan Kheradpir to the position of CEO, effectively allowing him to run the company. He replaces Pat DiPietro who will serve as the vice chairman for the company. Kheradpir isn’t necessarily new to being involved with Coriant, because according to some vendors he had been working closely alongside the senior management team dating back to earlier in the year, specifically with Marlin Equity Partners. The vendor has also come out and said that his experience in the technology and communications business field for decades has been greatly appreciated, which is why choosing him for the top spot had to happen.

Kheradpir had his early beginnings as a London native who grew up in Iran and chose to go to college at Cornell University in the United States. There he earned his bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees all in the field of electrical engineering. Once he finally finished college he got his first job by working at GTE Laboratories and was tasked with being a network and routing manager. His work was so well done that he was awarded the position of chief information officer (CIO) as a result.

By the year 2000, GTE and Bell Atlantic and formed a merger and Verizon was the new company that was the result of this. He remained as the CIO for this company and his responsibilities were forming small teams that would be tasked with developing new and innovative ideas to market for Verizon. One of these ideas was contributing much of the work towards Verizon’s FiOs fiber optic initiative package, allowing for easier telephone and internet usage for its customers. His team was also responsible for the creation of “Iobi,” which was an electronic application that the address books and caller IDs of its users. Over the course of his tenure at Verizon, some of Kheradpir’s achievements included reduced to needed number of IT staff and the information technology budget down to a specific amount. He was also able to negotiate closely with vendors to cut down on spending and prevent spending on equipment from failed franchises.

Yeonmi Park’s Story Goes Live On

Yeonmi Park has been an advocate for North Korea since she got out of the country, and she is a great person to talk about the issues that are relevant to the country. She did write and released a book on Amazon, and she has been talking about the way that people are treated in North Korea since she was a teenager. She is the perfect person to talk to the west because she uses digital technology to reach people.
The videos of her that come up on YouTube are speeches of her talking about how the North Korean people are suffering. She saw it all herself until she escaped around age 12, and she is someone who wants to make sure that North Korea is released from the hold it is in now. The country cannot progress because of the horrible government, and she thinks that she will be able to make a difference if she stays in South Korea.

Someone who is ready to learn about how the North Koreans work should start reading and watching Park to see what she has to say. She has been the perfect person to talk about this over the last few years, and she is so prominent that the North Korean government is not happy with her.

Yeonmi Park is the kind of unifier who might be able to change the way that North Korea runs, and she is going to stay in South Korea even though she had a comfortable life in England. Her escape from North Korea with her mother is a terrible story because of all the pain they went through, but it is a tale that is redeeming because she was able to change her life after they escaped. She is teaching the world about North Korea even though most people have no idea what was going on there.

Kyle Bass on Hilary Clinton and China

Kyle Bass, being famous for his investment choices as well as comments on various topics has stated that he believes that Hilary Clinton is going to be the presidential candidate that is best for the markets. He has also stared that there might be a brief recession in the next year. He has also stated that China is not going to have what he is calling a ‘Lehman’ moment. China has been faced with economical problems as well. Other things that Kyle Bass has commented on is the negative interest rates in the United States as he talks about the differences between what certain groups have to say on the situation.

Kyle Bass himself is one of the people to watch out for when it comes to economical issues because he does not have the best track record among all investors and economists. He is the founder of Hayman Capital. One way that he got a lot of attention was by predicting the fall of the economy back in 2008. However, that proved to be a fluke over time due to his knack or making very ill-advised decisions.

Kyle Bass also has things to say about Donald Trumps. He believes that Donald Trump could be right but for wrong reasons. He has also stated that Asia has an atrophy in the bubble that it has created in which could cause a brief recession in the economy. Kyle Bass does not really believe that there is going to necessarily be persistent recessions in the United States. Kyle Bass does not believe that monetary policy is going to necessarily generate real growth.  The full story is on

The Doe Deere that People Don’t Know

There are tons of people buzzing about this brand of makeup. It has become one of the hottest brands around, but there is still another side to Doe Deere that people to not know. She was once as seamstress, and she loves clothes. This skill for making clothes has given her a keen eye for fashion. People are impressed with her colorful style that is literally seen from head to toe.

Anyone that sees Doe Deere online will typically find her with colorful hair that is sometimes pink, blue or red. Her lips will also be a similar color, and this is what people are buzzing about. She brings some Lime Crime makeup into the picture, and this is clearly some of the best new makeup around. She goes a step further though because Doe Deere helps her Twitter followers get their their clothing right as well. This type of hookup is just what people need to get all dolled up.

That is what Doe Deere represents. She isn’t someone that presents a style for everyday wear although some people may take to this brand in that way. What Doe Deere represents is a brand that is for women that want to go have a night out on the town. This is an attention getting style so women should expect to get a lot of attention when they emulate Doe Deere.

She is a fashion rule breaker, and this makes people stop and stare. Some people may not like the style; others may adore it. Either way, Doe Deere gets the effect that she wants. Her goal is to stand out and make people take notice. Her makeup is a great way to start. Makeup shades like “Teddy Bear” and “Squash” make people stand out. Her True Love set and Unicorn Makeup are also some hot shades of color that make people notice this brand. Once people start with this they can emulate the style that is Doe Deere has.

Doe Deere doesn’t believe that you have to follow rules. It is you own body. You can drape yourself in whatever you like, and that is exactly what she does. Her style is always unorthodox and liberating.

Marie Claire Fabletics

Who doesn’t love to look their best when they work out? Looking good while you fight away the fat not only makes you look good; while also giving you the confidence you need to boost yourself to push harder to look even better. In they talk about the importance of looking your best to boost your self esteem while burning inches off your figure.

In this line of Fabletics Kate Hudson brings dresses into the mix of her athletic line to enhance that beauty figure while keeping your confidence at the top. Not only can you go out to a nice dinner in one of these fabletic dresses, you can also do light exercises with the same materials they use in the athleisure line.

These dresses are to ensure comfortability, and easy to breathe materials while you stroll on the town. Kate Hudson wanted her line not only to be all about athletics, but wanted that woman feel to her clothes line making sure to bring that to the table she offers, In her Pinterest page, swim suits as well that supports that sports bra look while feeling comfortable.

Marie Claire’s is a #1 top magazine that gives you advice on fashion, beauty; gives you the latest on the celebrity styles and gossip. If you have questions about your career or just want to know more information on a career you are interested in going in? Marie Claire offers advice on the topics you are looking for while giving you the best advice you may need to get that dream job you always wanted. Marie Claire is a all around magazine for any young woman, to a career woman. Be sure to check out the magazine to ensure your questions while getting the best advice on style!

3 Investing Tips From Brazilian Stock Market Businessman Igor Cornelsen

While Brazil has been rocked by scandal after scandal over the last few years, it is still a great place for investors to invest in. First and foremost, Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world. With over 200 million residents, it is a prime location for infrastructure development.

And when it comes to innovation, those who invest in Brazil are very spoiled. This is because many Brazilian products are still only available in the Brazilian market. With so much going on in the Brazilian economy, now seems like the perfect time to invest. The question is where do you start?

Top Brazilian investment banker and expert Igor Cornelsen has the answer to that question. Before investing in Brazil, Cornelsen has three very important tips he shared on the PR Newswire website that he wants you to consider.

Tip #1 – Focus on Building Relationships and Networking

Taking the time to connect with the natives is one of the best things you can do as an investor. That’s because in the world of business and finance, building relationships and networking can go a very long ways. According to Cornelsen, networking in Brazil is extremely easy.

Tip #2 – Be Prepared To Deal With A Bunch of Red Tape

When you are entering the Brazilian market, there will be plenty of regulations you will have to work around. Some of the obstacles you may face as an investor are high taxes, pervasive and often unfair bureaucracy, a very restrictive and rigid labor market and regulatory complexity just to name a few.

While the Brazilian market is no doubt growing, it is still in a very fragile state. This is why there is so much red tape you have to cut through. However, if you are willing to do the work to get around these barriers, the payoff will be well worth it.

Tip #3 – Understand The Restrictions Associated With Foreign Currency

When it comes to foreign-currency transactions, there are a lot of restrictions in place to try and control everything. If you or your business is non residential, you must find an authorized financial institution to hold the local currency for you. Keep in mind there is no single rate for exchanging foreign currency. The rate you pay will depend on the nature of the transaction.

While the official commercial rate is used most often, the Central Bank of Brazil has the right to step in and change that at any time.

Igor Cornelsen advises that there is no such thing as free money. If you aren’t using the right rate all the time, you won’t be profitable.