Bustle Sings The Praises of Wen

I’m in love with naturally beautiful hair. It’ s just something about beautiful hair that intrigues me. While I love beautiful hair I am never been the one who has been willing to put new products on my hair. I’m the person who has to hear someone else co sign it before I am willing to try it on my own. I don’t have a rhyme or reason for why I do this but it’s always been my thing to do. If I am going to try a product either someone I know has to have tried or someone or some company I trust has to cosign it. That’s how my world works.

Thankfully my favorite beauty blogger Emily Mcclure recently tried Wen hair By Chaz. WEN hair By Chaz is all natural and is a 5 in 1 product that is guaranteed to make your hair softer and shinier.

It is a product that continues to be highly marketed in Sephora and was created by Chaz Dean a Hollywood stylist who takes pride in beautiful hair care needs.

After Emily tried the product she took photos of the transformation and it didn’t disappoint one bit. Emily had been apprehensive about trying the product but now she’s singing it’s praises.

Read results: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.

Role of a Compliance Officer in the Growing Corporate World

Are you aware of the vital role that compliance officers play? Well, we have the best answers for you thus no need to be too judgmental and hard on yourself. This job is not well known widely because it was has been available for a relatively short period of time. However, it has been noted that its ranks are tremendously growing despite the short period of time in the job market.

The general role that compliance officers play is to ensure that a compliance program is implemented in a way that all regulatory and ethical projects are identified and fixed accordingly. These problems are done away with using tools which are familiar to us such as the risk assessments, education, investigations and audits. Compliance officers ensure that a problem is fully fixed and measures are put in place to prevent recurring of the same problem.

Why is a Compliance Officer Important?

This profession has grown within a short time frame of 20 years and calling for the need to serve in different areas. This is one of the careers that are growing more rapidly thus offering numerous and best opportunities that ensure proper advancement. This can be traced easily especially in heavily regulated industries such as gaming, insurance and banking among others. Compliance officers are involved in companies to ensure that all rules are followed to the latter. Additionally, through the enforcement community, these officers keep employees in track so that no punitive mistakes are found in operations within the industry. For you to become a compliance officer you are required to have technical skills and more so have the ability to influence the leadership of the company you work with.

Life and Work of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is a determined compliance officer working for Hall Capital Partners LLC. Additionally she also serves as a member of the firm’s executive committee. She is the first woman to be appointed as the district chief. For the past years, Helane has been working hand in hand with other people to ensure that their impact and presence are enforced and strengthened. Being a visionary woman, Helane is committed to ensure that the momentum of the office is maintained and even improved on areas of weaknesses.

From 1996, Morrison served in San Francisco law firm and later on in 1991 she raised her bar to being a partner of the firm. Here she concentrated much on private securities defense as well as business litigation. As a compliance officer she is worth being acknowledged because of the great role she has played in the industry.

Ross Abelow’s School, Work and Achievements

Lawyers play a critical role in the maintenance of law and order. Though many people may find this work to be boring, Ross Abelow finds it enjoyable and fun to do, as he meets and deliberate over different cases. For one to be a competent attorney and win many clients like him, they need to be smart and well read. Over his 24 years of service, this lawyer has continually exhibited overboard proficiency in research skills, unmatched oratory skills, the ability to work for long hours without supervision and much more. You are sure to win your case upon choosing such a law representative.

Ross Abelow went to the University of New York at Albany, where he studied Political Science. He also attained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, English, and History from the same institution. He joined the Brooklyn School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1989, and would then register as a certified lawyer in the state of New York in 1990 after passing the bar. Since that year, Abelow has practiced law and flourished in matrimonial, family, litigation, commercial laws, athlete contracts and will making.


As an entertainer, you need your contract law reviewed appropriately; you can look up on him to review it at any time. Entertainment law can be very complex. He has quite an experience, as in the past he has represented some finest New York entertainers with their contracts, legal and property reviews.

Matrimonial Law
He is well known to have a light touch as required in divorce law negotiations. Upon his indulgence in the case, his clients, (divorcees) feel they have appropriate representation. He ensures that both sides get a fair deal after any court process.

Crème de la Crème attorney
His eloquence and versatility so far make Ross stand out. Many lawyers only specialize in specified cases; however he has defied the norm by handling various specialties of the law and doing so well in them.

Ross’ Accomplishments
He has accomplished a lot throughout his service as a lawyer, such as his partnership with the renowned Abelow and Cassandro LLP, which have offices in Jericho NY and New York, NY. You will remember him for his recent move dubbed ‘GofundMe,’ which helps stray or abandoned pets in New York during extreme weather, such as winter.

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White Shark Media: Issues, Complaints and Solutions. Oh my!

What is the White Shark Media

The White Shark Media to put it in short is an Digital Marketing Agency that goes and delivers solutions for online marketing. The White Shark Media company is designed usually for small and medium leveled business, it is better worked alongside such. The White Shark Media has been recognized as one of the most rapidly growing growing digital agencies within North America.

According to their site their increasing rise and acknowledgement had stemmed from their reputation for cost effective Search Marketing campaigns. While doing that is also provides excellent customer service to boot. The year of 2011 was when this company was founded by three danish entrepreneurs that were well experienced in online and offline marketing.

The three founders are Gary Garth who is the Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Nygart who is the Chief Sales Officer and Andrew Lolk VP of PPC.

The complaints and issues from clients

Through out the years White Shark media had received several complaints from people who are affiliated with them. One complaint received by clients is them loosing touch with their adwords campaign. White Shark quickly realized that their procedures and instructions aimed toward their clients were not eligible enough to allow the small business owners review White Shark Media’s report or even let them know what was going on.

White Shark Media managed to find a way to avoid this issue in the future by making sure to thoroughly the ins and the outs of their client’s campaign. By doing this, the client will surely know their campaign before it begins and now where to head to see good performance.

Another complaint received by clients is they do not feel the communication with White Shark Media is adequate enough. The company had came up with to solutions to help resolve this issue. One is for the client to go and schedule calls monthly with an online conference tool known as GoTomeeting.

Once a month the client and the SEM Strategist will review the results received from the past 30 days and also will go over monthly report that had been given in advanced.

The online conference tool GoTomeeting allows the client and the strategist to share a screen so that the strategist can have an easy time going over the report and the AdWords account while the client simply watches.

The second option is the phone extensions included with direct extensions. This allows the client to directly call their contract person which saves much time and stress with the client.

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