White Shark Media Reforms its Benchmark Customer Service Initiative

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies, White Shark Media is known to offer exceptional customer service to its clients. Since 2011, the customer service initiative of the company has often been regarded as a benchmark in its industry.

However, growth of White Shark Media is also proving a challenge for the management as it looks to take customer service levels to even greater heights. Accordingly, it has announced a major overhaul of the existing customer service setup based on the feedback generated by customers.

The new plan will help both new and existing customers while offerings several free services. For instance, new customers will get a dedicated project strategist who will help customers understand the platform and also assist with initiating the first campaign.

Unlike customary service, both new and existing customers will be called to schedule a monthly meeting on GoToMeeting software allowing the campaign strategist to follow up on the progress of each campaign. In addition to regular meetings, White Shark Media Complains team has also decided to provide a dedicated fixed-line extension to every client, where they can easily contact their respective strategists to discuss campaigns any time of the day during normal business hours.

Perhaps, existing customers are sure to appreciate the new initiative as they are allowed to select either the old platform or the new platform. Instead of automatic transfers to the new platform, existing clients who are satisfied with their existing setup will not be moved. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

Instead, they can easily move to the new platform at a later stage. Similarly, the management has reduced the workload of project supervisors who will only manage 3 to 5 strategists. By reducing the workload, the company hopes that supervisors will be able to offer better service to individual clients by following up with SEM Strategists. Interestingly, the management will also let customers speak to supervisors if they are not happy with their SEM representatives.

As for freebies, the company will continue to offer free SEO advise to its existing customer base. Despite the fact that White Shark Media does not have SEO services, it has employed a dedicated in-house SEO team of advisors who will help clients improve their SEO irrespective of the SEO vendor clients are using.

Likewise, each client will also get free call trackers, conversion trackers and in some cases, free Google Analytics. Hopefully, the add-on services will likely help improve the existing customer service setup to an entirely new levels of service.

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A Brief Review Of FreedomPop’s Service

When you’re looking to get a new cell phone plan, there are many other options you can consider besides just a regular plan with a major carrier. In fact, you might see a monthly deal with the carrier that looks good, but end up having to pay much more because of activation fees, data usage, and other service fees. And unfortunately if you’re still under contract with your carrier, you’ll get slapped with an early termination fee when you try to leave. But instead of going through all of that, FreedomPop might be a better choice for you. This brief FreedomPop review explains who they are and what they do.

FreedomPop is actually the first of its kind free cell phone plan provider. Well, no it’s not all free, you have to buy your phone, but you have the choice to go with a free plan with limited talking, texting, and data usage, or you can go with one of their premium plans. FreedomPop premium plans include a WiFi plan that you can use the phone over WiFi networks for $5 a month, and an unlimited plan for $20 a month that uses areas covered by Sprint’s network with unlimited calling, texting, and data usage, although internet speeds for the data usage will slow down after the monthly cap is exceeded.

All of this is possible because of FreedomPop’s partnership with Sprint, allowing users in Sprint’s service areas to use mobile services. They started out in 2011 with Clearwire 4G, but added Sprint later to expand coverage, and in recent years have started what’s called the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option where users who may have terminated previous cell phone contracts can then move those phones under FreedomPop. In addition, you can also get home internet plans without having to go through a cable company or major DSL provider.

Now on the downside, this service is not for everyone, such as those who do a lot of traveling in rural areas or who need a wide coverage map. And their home internet plans may not be the best idea for those who use the internet for a lot of gaming or Netflix watching. But if you primarily stay in urban areas where Sprint’s service is available and your mobile usage is low enough that you could save money with their services, you may just want to give FreedomPop a try.






David Osio leads his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group in launching its new real estate application

David Osio was accompanied by Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili when they launched Davos Real Estate new mobile application to their distinguished clients. The real estate group announced the launch of the new mobile application “Davos CAP Calculator” in a statement to its customers. The main aim of the application is to estimate the return on real estate investment which the client is interested in. This application will help the customers to calculate the price of rent on the property that best suits them. It will also allow investors have a clear financial vision when purchasing a property in the real estate group. The application also has a mortgage calculator that will allow the customers to estimate their mortgage, associated rate of interest and the funding period. These will be based on the projections by the bank. http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/32284716/david-osio-and-his-executive-team-at-davos-real-estate-group-launch-its-new-real-estate-application

In the last six months, Gerard Gonzalez, the Executive Director of Davos REG, had been working hand in hand on the design and development of the application with the company’s Tecknolution. This mobile application has been developed based on the latest technology platforms and it is available for both Android and iPhone users. According to the company, this application is the beginning of a series of many other applications that will have the ability to identify properties in the real estate market on your mobile device and also forward real estate reports to your agent at Davos through an interactive chat.

David Osio is the founder of the financial advisory group of independent companies Davos Financial Group. He has guided the companies’ expansion and growth with his business and leadership skills. The primary focus of these companies is to provide expert assets management and financial advisory services. Osio is an accomplished and well experienced professional in the financial industry services. Before he founded Davos Financial Group, Osio worked as the Vice President of Commercial Banking for Banco Latino International in Miami. His responsibilities included defining marketing strategies, managing customer acquisitions and supervising the management of all the corporate departments. His efforts resulted in helping the company achieve a stronger international position as well as significant portfolio growth. In his early career, Osio gained leadership experience as the Director for Escritorio Jurídico MGO in Venezuela.

David Osio studied at the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, one of the largest universities in Venezuela where he completed his degree with honors in Law. He then went ahead and completed additional academic training at the New York Financial Institute and Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos. Mr.Osio is not only committed to his financial career. He provides charitable support to the Wayuu Taya Foundation and Children’s Orthopedic Hospital which is based in Venezuela. He is also a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

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Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts Provides Stellar Vacation Packages

Vacationers get busy with finding somewhere to go in the summer months. This is the busiest time of year for travelers, and the Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts provide some of the best packages for vacationers. The Squaw Alpine Resort provides fun activities for singles and families. It is easy to see the benefits of booking at vacation at a resort like this. There are endless activities in the summer so on one has to complain about being bored.

Parents like to take their kids on vacation, but they want to go to spots where their children will have things to do. Most adults just like to get away from work and enjoy beautiful scenery. The Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts certainly provides beautiful scenery, but children want more than a postcard background to stare at. Children want to engage in activities. Fortunately, Lake Tahoe has more than enough activities for those that visit Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts.

One thing that kids will often find exciting is the aerial trams on squawalpine.com . This ride is considered a must-do activity for people that visit Lake Tahoe. The 10 minute ride is thrilling because it gives the best possible view of the resort and the landscape. The ride is 2,000 feet above the mountains. This is the activity that a lot of adults and children will be interested in.

Another thing that has managed to gain attention from families that visit the area is the bike rental and roller skating activities. Disc golf is also a big activity that is done on a regular basis for children. These activities show that there is always something for families to do when they are out. The Sky Jump is also a great activity that many children will find exciting.

These are all grand activities that are found at the Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts, but the obvious allure of this area is the skiing. Some of the most beautiful mountains are found here at this resort, and it is the perfect place for people that want to ski. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you have never been on the slopes before. There are classes for the beginning skiers. There are also slopes for those that have more experience.

The Squaw Alpine Ski Resort provides an abundant amount of stimulating activity. There is never a dull moment for people that come to this area.