Securus Video Visitation Program And The Mutual Benefit It Brings To Both The Inmates And Visitors.

Securus Technologies is a technology company that works to provide communication solutions to Correctional facilities, connecting inmates to their families, through simple and secure solutions that maintain public safety, and also advance technology in Prison. Securus works with correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to ensure Incarcerated inmates are able to connect with their loved ones, Law enforcement and correctional facilities personnel are able to communicate crucial information and other emergencies to ensure the response is quick. Securus Technology was founded in the year 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company currently works with over 3,400 law enforcement agencies and correctional Facilities, and more than 1.2 million Incarcerated inmates in the United States.


In 2014 November, through Securus Technology, we launched a new Video visitation project, first installed in Maricopa County Arizona, where the 600 Video visitation terminals would allow inmates connect with the outside world, through video calls. In 2016 January, the company employed a new sales executive to oversee and develop a sales team that would help manage the now expanding demand of our products, by both law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. The Senior Vice President Sales, John Bell, has also served in IBM, and AT&T.


Securus Video visitation is a system that allows Family members, attorneys, and Friends to communicate with their incarcerated member, through scheduled session that gives unlimited opportunities in sharing day-to-day events such as birthdays and helping out with homework while at the comfort of your home. The Video visitation system is configured with a scheduling jail management system to ensure scheduling is done at the right time. The Video visitation system comes with numerous advantages that include its ability to record and monitor visits. This will assist investigators track leads and also reduce violence in the prison walls. It gets even better for the visitors who are able to quickly access inmates without having to go through tedious processes of long service lines, and tight schedules.


Securus Technology does not require initiating the manual process of connecting video visits. The upfront security process is already inbuilt in the system. The system has helped and lessened the bottle-neck security searches that visitors would be subjected to. The video visitation system also allows more family members to participate in the visit, and minimizes movement of inmates, which is less expensive, improves public safety, and the bonding experience between family members is more personal.

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Lime Crime Makes So Many Young Girls Rejoice

There is a huge surge in the Lime Crime brand, and much of this has to do with the connection that Doe Deere has with her customers. She has become the CEO that has managed to stay focused on the growth of her company by becoming familiar with what her customers want. That is what makes Doe Deere and the Lime Crime brand stand out from the rest. It is the brand that has been heavily linked to social media because it is adored by the youth.

Teenagers have this way of promoting the brand in a manner that has made more people take notice of this makeup even though it doesn’t appear on television. It has something of an underground following at the moment, and that is what is currently the driving force behind the brand. Teens feel good that they have discovered this brand that most of their parents do not know about. It like discovering a cool new communication app that is a parent free zone. These teens are responding to Lime Crime products. There is a lot of talk about how this company has managed to navigate through the marketing world and compete successfully with other big makeup companies without spending the same fortune on advertising.

Doe Deere has been able to do something magnificent in the industry by creating a brand that has the great alternate colors that other cosmetic companies may not offer. So many new cosmetic companies fail when trying to produce the same type of shades and products that the competition is known for. What Doe Deere has done is make things easier for herself by building a brand like Lime Crime that pushes away from the mainstream. She didn’t see a need to put herself and her brand into the same box as everyone else.

This is a makeup company that is able to think outside of the box. It is the type of company that has managed to lure customers by giving them new options. People that are tired of traditional shades will rejoice with these alternative styles. Also be sure to check out the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.

Madison Street Capital: The Financial Industries Finest

The Chicago based investment banking firm, Madison Street Capital, has been named as a finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Award is considered to be a highly revered achievement within the financial industry that recognizes finance restructuring, as well as, the outstanding ability to close deals. The M&A Advisor was founded in 1998 to publish insights and intelligence on mergers and acquisitions. The M&A Advisor is also the foremost organization recognizing excellence, honoring achievement, presenting thought leadership and facilitating connections among the world’s leading deal making professionals.

Madison Street Capital was nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year for International and Industrials Deal of the Year (under $100MM). Madison Street Capital is being recognized for advancing the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco. Madison Street Capital’s acquirement of Acuna & Asociados S.A by Dowco entailed many complexities being that it was a cross-border transaction with many minute details involved. The winners of the Annual M&A Advisor Awards will be announced at the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala on Wednesday, November 9, 2016, at the New York Athletic Club.

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Madison Street Capital, located in Chicago, Illinois, is known for being a leader in providing corporate finance and mergers, as well as acquisitions advice. With the vast array of professionals within the firm, Madison Street Capital has the ability to organize the right amount of financing and capitalization structure to fit any client’s situation. Madison Street Capital also has firms located in Africa and Asia, along with North America, that provide services that include hedge fund administration services, financial asset management services, corporate advisory services, and business valuation services, this list also include a catalog of other financial services. With the amount of professionals within the firm, and also the many services that is provided, Madison Street Capital has a history and reputation of excellence in the investment banking industry.

The professionals at Madison are specialized in partnering with middle-market firms to obtain the best results. By analyzing each client’s unique set of needs, the best match between buyers and sellers is obtained, the appropriate amount of financing is gained, and capitalization structures are honed to give the client the best potential to fit their needs available. Being able to handle the stringent tasks of handling financial needs of clients worldwide is a position that Madison Street Capital stake their firm on. Madison Street Capital take pride in being professional as well as thorough within the banking and financial industry. Madison Street Capital is your trusted partner and leading provider of financial advisory services, M&A assistance, and valuations.

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