Dick DeVos Has Been One Of Michigan’s Greatest Education Leaders

Dick DeVos has been one of Michigan’s top entrepreneurs, growing companies such as Amway and now The Windquest Group into billion-dollar enterprises. But business isn’t the DeVos’s only passion, they also care very much about future Americans who they also hope become great entrepreneurs. Betsy DeVos was interviewed by Philanthropy Roundtable to share a little about the vision that she and Dick have. It actually started back when they were sending their own children to school and saw how difficult it was for some families to do so. They got involved with Potter’s House Christian School and started up scholarship programs under the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and would later spearhead the Great Lakes Education Project.


Dick DeVos comes from a family that values strong work ethics, but also creativity and generosity. Richard DeVos, his father helped startup Amway Corporation, a multilevel marketing company that not only made profits from the products they manufactured, but also helped other aspiring businessmen resell those products and make income of their own. Dick learned the operations of the company, and after getting his education went to work at it. He eventually took over the company after his father stepped down in 1993, and ran the business for 10 years opening up all kinds of new doors.


But Dick and Betsy wanted to help give back to their community just as their parents had done, so they started up their family foundation and began sitting on the boards at many other charities. They’ve strongly supported school of choice for all children, and have helped start the Education Freedom Fund to support that cause. They’ve also given to local shelters and humanitarian causes, as well as local churches and conservative think tanks such as Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute, and his alma mater Northwood University.


Dick and Betsy have always championed free market economics, and Dick is the author of “Rediscovering American Values,” a book that explains the importance of such values and moral fiber that has helped make the nation strong in the past. When he became dissatisfied with the direction Michigan was heading in 2006, he decided to run against Jennifer Granholm for the Governor’s seat. He didn’t succeed, but he continued to be involved in the state Republican Party promoting causes, and in 2012 he helped get a right-to-work law passed. Dick also helped start a charter school in Grand Rapids called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

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Why Madison Street Capital Was Applauded During M&A Annual Awards

Madison Street Capital, for over one decade, has restructured to become an internationally recognized entity. The company has been offering services in diverse industries while helping companies to manage their finances. As an established financial banking company, Madison Street has come up with solutions for problems brought to them by businesses, privately and publicly owned. Their recent penetration into the international market has marketed the company further as a strong provider of advisory services. Read more: https://network.axial.net/a/company/madison-street-capital/

This dedication to cater for the needs of clients in different industries has seen the company rank highly and become one of the best in the provision of financial management services. They have designed a new system that is managed by professionals with many years in the industry, who review the profiles of their clients to offer custom solutions to problems.

Due to the dedication Madison Street has maintained in the provision of services, the company was honored by M&A during the annual ceremony that awards the most reliable provider of advisory services across the world. During the 2016 awards, as explained on Benzinga.com, Madison Street emerged as the winner in all categories considered. The company has improved its service delivery over the years and more clients have expressed satisfaction in the kind of support they have been getting.

Among successful companies that transacted with Madison Street is Dowco, which celebrates the smooth acquisition process that was effected to merge the company with Acuna & Associates S.A. The process, as the CEO of Madison describes it, was effective and seamless and represents the kind of dedication the company has been designed to provide to its different customers.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation has greatly grown since the company expanded its service delivery to include virtually all specialties. They also have a training program that equips their professionals with the most recent practices in the industry and one that allows them to handle different services effectively.

About Madison Street and its achievements
Madison Street was established more than one decade ago and since inception the company has gradually grown to attain international status. In a bid to offer reliable corporate finance services, Madison Street has designed its system of service delivery to include processes that are seamless and designed to offer timely solutions to clients.

It is a mutually benefit when clients work with the company because they can also get additional support that lets them understand how they can better manage their services and processes for added productivity. Some of the areas the company has proved effective include purchase price allocations, structured finance products, solvency and capital adequacy, share based compensation, tax planning and wealth building. Additionally, Madison Street caters for mergers & acquisitions and bankruptcy services.

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