Bustle Sings The Praises of Wen

I’m in love with naturally beautiful hair. It’ s just something about beautiful hair that intrigues me. While I love beautiful hair I am never been the one who has been willing to put new products on my hair. I’m the person who has to hear someone else co sign it before I am willing to try it on my own. I don’t have a rhyme or reason for why I do this but it’s always been my thing to do. If I am going to try a product either someone I know has to have tried or someone or some company I trust has to cosign it. That’s how my world works.

Thankfully my favorite beauty blogger Emily Mcclure recently tried Wen hair By Chaz. WEN hair By Chaz is all natural and is a 5 in 1 product that is guaranteed to make your hair softer and shinier.

It is a product that continues to be highly marketed in Sephora and was created by Chaz Dean a Hollywood stylist who takes pride in beautiful hair care needs.

After Emily tried the product she took photos of the transformation and it didn’t disappoint one bit. Emily had been apprehensive about trying the product but now she’s singing it’s praises.

Read results: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

WEN Hair Care products are also available at eBay.