Yeonmi Park’s Story Goes Live On

Yeonmi Park has been an advocate for North Korea since she got out of the country, and she is a great person to talk about the issues that are relevant to the country. She did write and released a book on Amazon, and she has been talking about the way that people are treated in North Korea since she was a teenager. She is the perfect person to talk to the west because she uses digital technology to reach people.
The videos of her that come up on YouTube are speeches of her talking about how the North Korean people are suffering. She saw it all herself until she escaped around age 12, and she is someone who wants to make sure that North Korea is released from the hold it is in now. The country cannot progress because of the horrible government, and she thinks that she will be able to make a difference if she stays in South Korea.

Someone who is ready to learn about how the North Koreans work should start reading and watching Park to see what she has to say. She has been the perfect person to talk about this over the last few years, and she is so prominent that the North Korean government is not happy with her.

Yeonmi Park is the kind of unifier who might be able to change the way that North Korea runs, and she is going to stay in South Korea even though she had a comfortable life in England. Her escape from North Korea with her mother is a terrible story because of all the pain they went through, but it is a tale that is redeeming because she was able to change her life after they escaped. She is teaching the world about North Korea even though most people have no idea what was going on there.