Squaw Valley Water Issues Resolving, Encouraging Reports From Latest Round Of Testing

Recent reports of ongoing water testing at Squaw Valley have been encouraging as the latest water results show decreasing amounts of E. coli and no coliform bacteria in three out of four contaminated wells in the upper mountain water system at Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

This water issue was reported to the Placer County Environmental Health Department on November 8 by Squaw Valley. Since this time, Placer County has been working in tandem with Squaw Valley to eradicate the bacterial issue in the water supply. The rest of Squaw Valley’s filtration system in the lower mountain region has not been affected and there have been no known cases of E. coli or coliform infection by any skier as a result of this infiltration.

Restaurants’ will remain closed in the upper mountains until this matter is resolved and all those who visit the upper mountain areas are offered bottled water for the time being and all facilities are in use. Skiing is carrying on as normal in the upper to lower mountain range. In a statement to the press, public relations director Liesl Kenny, has released a timeline about the chain of events that led to this current treatment.

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Ms. Kenny stated that in October, a heavier than normal rainfall inundated Squaw Valley’s brand new water filtration system in the upper mountains causing an issue with the bacteria. Ms. Kenny also stated that at no time was this contaminated water supply ever offered to the public for drinking.

The contamination problem was found during routine water testing by Squaw Valley on the High Camp and Gold Cost filtration systems. The results were reported immediately to the Environmental Health Department in Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District. Since the time of reporting, Squaw Valley and the Environmental Health Department have been working in tandem to solve this issue and outside water experts have also been consulted on the case for independent testing.

Both the Environmental Health Department and Squaw Valley are committed to the safety and security of the skiers and visitors that enter Squaw Valley Ski Resort and will not authorize the use of public drinking water for the upper mountain area until levels have been confirmed as safe for visitors.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort will continue to retest and treat the on going water problem. They have also stated the resort will notify patrons when water levels have returned to a normal state for drinking.

Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts Provides Stellar Vacation Packages

Vacationers get busy with finding somewhere to go in the summer months. This is the busiest time of year for travelers, and the Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts provide some of the best packages for vacationers. The Squaw Alpine Resort provides fun activities for singles and families. It is easy to see the benefits of booking at vacation at a resort like this. There are endless activities in the summer so on one has to complain about being bored.

Parents like to take their kids on vacation, but they want to go to spots where their children will have things to do. Most adults just like to get away from work and enjoy beautiful scenery. The Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts certainly provides beautiful scenery, but children want more than a postcard background to stare at. Children want to engage in activities. Fortunately, Lake Tahoe has more than enough activities for those that visit Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts.

One thing that kids will often find exciting is the aerial trams on squawalpine.com . This ride is considered a must-do activity for people that visit Lake Tahoe. The 10 minute ride is thrilling because it gives the best possible view of the resort and the landscape. The ride is 2,000 feet above the mountains. This is the activity that a lot of adults and children will be interested in.

Another thing that has managed to gain attention from families that visit the area is the bike rental and roller skating activities. Disc golf is also a big activity that is done on a regular basis for children. These activities show that there is always something for families to do when they are out. The Sky Jump is also a great activity that many children will find exciting.

These are all grand activities that are found at the Squaw Alpine Ski Resorts, but the obvious allure of this area is the skiing. Some of the most beautiful mountains are found here at this resort, and it is the perfect place for people that want to ski. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t matter if you have never been on the slopes before. There are classes for the beginning skiers. There are also slopes for those that have more experience.

The Squaw Alpine Ski Resort provides an abundant amount of stimulating activity. There is never a dull moment for people that come to this area.