Lime Crime Makes So Many Young Girls Rejoice

There is a huge surge in the Lime Crime brand, and much of this has to do with the connection that Doe Deere has with her customers. She has become the CEO that has managed to stay focused on the growth of her company by becoming familiar with what her customers want. That is what makes Doe Deere and the Lime Crime brand stand out from the rest. It is the brand that has been heavily linked to social media because it is adored by the youth.

Teenagers have this way of promoting the brand in a manner that has made more people take notice of this makeup even though it doesn’t appear on television. It has something of an underground following at the moment, and that is what is currently the driving force behind the brand. Teens feel good that they have discovered this brand that most of their parents do not know about. It like discovering a cool new communication app that is a parent free zone. These teens are responding to Lime Crime products. There is a lot of talk about how this company has managed to navigate through the marketing world and compete successfully with other big makeup companies without spending the same fortune on advertising.

Doe Deere has been able to do something magnificent in the industry by creating a brand that has the great alternate colors that other cosmetic companies may not offer. So many new cosmetic companies fail when trying to produce the same type of shades and products that the competition is known for. What Doe Deere has done is make things easier for herself by building a brand like Lime Crime that pushes away from the mainstream. She didn’t see a need to put herself and her brand into the same box as everyone else.

This is a makeup company that is able to think outside of the box. It is the type of company that has managed to lure customers by giving them new options. People that are tired of traditional shades will rejoice with these alternative styles. Also be sure to check out the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere.

Marie Claire Fabletics

Who doesn’t love to look their best when they work out? Looking good while you fight away the fat not only makes you look good; while also giving you the confidence you need to boost yourself to push harder to look even better. In they talk about the importance of looking your best to boost your self esteem while burning inches off your figure.

In this line of Fabletics Kate Hudson brings dresses into the mix of her athletic line to enhance that beauty figure while keeping your confidence at the top. Not only can you go out to a nice dinner in one of these fabletic dresses, you can also do light exercises with the same materials they use in the athleisure line.

These dresses are to ensure comfortability, and easy to breathe materials while you stroll on the town. Kate Hudson wanted her line not only to be all about athletics, but wanted that woman feel to her clothes line making sure to bring that to the table she offers, In her Pinterest page, swim suits as well that supports that sports bra look while feeling comfortable.

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