Whitney Wolfe is Transforming Online Dating through Empowering Women

Whitney Rolfe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a female-focused dating app, Bumble. The headquarters of Bumble in Austin, Texas. Unlike other business start-ups, there was no male present when Whitney was starting her company. Bumble has been operating for the past two years. Whitney is not new to creating dating apps. She was a co-founder of Tinder but quit the company due to internal conflicts.

Ms. Wolfe started the dating app to help women gain more power in their relationships. Studies show that Tinder, Bumble’s rival dating app promotes a hookup culture that is disadvantageous to women. A study conducted by the American Psychology Association in 2016 showed that most Tinder users, especially women, report low self-worth, self-esteem, and dissatisfaction with their physical appearances. According to Whitney, Bumble might not change the online dating culture overnight. However, it aims to make online dating less agonizing for women.

Bumble has photo verification feature which alleviates the clients’ fears of being lured into a relationship with false identity and security which makes it easier to report any instance of harassment. The company’s abuse report rate is 0.005, a rate that is way lower as compared to its competitors. The main innovation in Bumble is that the ladies make the first move. Unlike other online dating apps, guys are not authorized to make the first move after a match.

After the match is successful, the lady should send a message within 24 hours failure to this the match disappears forever. The restriction that ladies must make the first move is changing the way things operate in dating world. It has helped women garner a lot of respect from men and has also changed men in various ways. By the lady making the first move, guys don’t feel the pain of rejection, and thus they don’t become aggressive. As a matter of fact, they are flattered. This little shift in operations makes all the difference. For more info about us: http://www.businessinsider.com/bumble-ceo-leadership-employees-2017-7 click here.

In less than a year after the dating app was launched, there were already 500,000 users who spent an average of 62 minutes in Bumble. Ms. Wolfe is a great advocate for anti-bullying.

Allowing Oneself To Shine With Whitney Wolfe’s App

For those that are expecting to find a magic solution with online dating, there is news. If one is having trouble in dating, one of the most important things for people to realize is that it is not the platform. It is the individual. People have found themselves at a brick wall when it most popular dating app. One of the reasons behind this is that they are not allowing their true selves to shine. They either try to be someone else or suppress who they are. This often results in a lot of frustration even for those that are successful in getting date.

Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble app has been configured in a way to make it easier for both women and men to get the dates they want. Therefore, all a man has to do is be truthful and not try to spin some kind of story in order to get the woman. One thing a guy can do is list a personal quirk. With the large amount Whitney Wolfe online, there is bound to be someone who finds that quirk to be adorable. The only thing is that the man is not going to be able to message the woman. If the woman wants to message the man, then the man will get a message in many cases. It is just up to the man to respond to the message.

Whitney Wolfe has made things easier for women as well. Women will find it easier to make the choice on what person they want to date. Whitney Wolfe did not stop at helping people find dates.

She is someone who also wants to help people come up with ideas on what they can do in order to enjoy their time with one another. She is also good at helping people learn how to make conversation.

About Whitney Wolfe: www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrxxBd1UJxg