The Steering Of Ubuntu Education Fund Gala

Recently Andrew Rolfe and Ubuntu Educational Fund Charity Gala in London raised a total of over £603,000 in an event. The main objective was help meet the basics needs of underprivileged children in Africa. This is R10million South Africa currency. Thefund drive was projected at £600,000. This amount was raised to cater for the increased number of students at the institution, Ubuntu Education Fund’s Port Elizabeth Campus. The other amount that will remain was to fund to improve the pediatric clinic that is associated with the campus.

The £603,000 realized was as a result of a dinner meeting of only London’s 300 philanthropists and well-known Socialists. These 300 members attended Ubuntu Education Fund gala and were chaired by Andrew Rolfe. There was an inspiring speech from SinesiphoRabidyani who was a beneficially of the very same Ubuntu Educational Fund.

Ubuntu Educational Fund was founded in 1999. The organization is a charity based that focused on educational tools and availability. Upon establishment, the proponents realized that there were other needs more urgent, HIV and hunger. These two, hunger and HIV hindered children in pursuit of education to the fullness. They have expanded their reach to provisions for nutrition, health, and home charity.

Ubuntu Educational Fund uses its resources and manpower to help 400,000 plus disadvantaged people in Africa. There’s a program at Port Elizabeth for the children who ensures their health and educational needs are met. This help from the start of their education till a time they are ready for their career.

Jacob Lief, the founder, and CEO of Ubuntu Educational Fund has watched over the last 20 years children from disadvantaged homes in African meet what they need most in their life; healthcare and education.

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund. Mr. Andrew Rolfe is also the Managing Director of Capital Partners. Andrew Rolfe studied business economics and Administration at Harvard Business School. He got his masters in 1992. Andrew Rolfe’s second master is from St. Edmund Hall in Oxford. In 1998, Mr. Andrew Rolfe got his undergraduate degree from University of Oxford.

Andrew Rolfe has ever worked as an executive for The Gap, Inc., CEO, and chairman of a European company andTrue Religion Apparel and J. Jill, Beverages & More. With such a leadership and expansion, Andrew Rolfe is a benefit to Ubuntu Education Fund.