How To Host The Perfect Party

Hosting a party does not have to be stressful. By following these tips you can host the perfect party without worrying or having to make last minute adjustments.


The first word of advice for hosting a good party is to do some planning. By planning ahead you can save a lot of time and frustration later on. Write down what is most important to your party. Make a note of what is most important and work downwards according to your priorities. This will help you achieve the most important things and help you reduce stress.


Creating a plan is good. However, staying organized is as equally as important. Create lists of things to buy and setups to make. Organization will ensure a stress free party planning and save you time to boot. Organizing by creating lists will also help you better meet the needs of guests who may have dietary restrictions or special needs.


Many people do not create themes for their parties. Create a theme in advance. This will make choosing the decorations, food and even entertainment much easier. Once you have chosen upon a theme just build upon it and you should have a masterful and event themed party.


Send out invitations. The most effective type of invitation is a personal one that is handwritten or decorated and sent by mail. You can invite people by email and even the phone. Do what works best for you. Remember though, that personal invitations are the best.


For the actual party, you can create self serve bars. This can eliminate the need for a bartender which will help you cut costs. In allows allows guests to mix their own drinks. For appetizers, it is best to keep it simple, bite size and offer plenty of variety. Guests like variety and keeping the portions small will encourage people to go and mingle with other guests.


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Lauren Conrad Offers Tips for Great Party Planing

Lauren Conrad, who made her claim to fame as a breakout star on MTV’s the Hills, has since launched two successful clothing lines and has written a series of books. Now she is working as a party planner, something which she has found a knack for. In a recent¬†interview¬†with Redbook, she shares some of the tips and tricks that have made her parties a success.

One of the biggest tips that Lauren likes to share with people who want to plan a party is to make it simple. Parties are about having fun and having a good time. It’s not about trying to impress your guests with having the best looking house and the most well put together menu. Instead, the food should be simple and easy to eat, and everything should be relaxed so you and your guests can focus on having a good time.

Lauren is a big fan of themed parties, but her husband Wil prefers that things be much simpler. One of his biggest pet peeves about parties is trying to convince his friends to go out of their way to follow a theme. Through Wil, Lauren has learned to keep the needs of her guests in mind and to compromise. The themed parties that Lauren throws now are much simpler and revolve around items her friends already have. Because plaid and cut-offs are trendy right now, Lauren has thrown quite a few hoe-downs lately.

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