Securus Video Visitation Program And The Mutual Benefit It Brings To Both The Inmates And Visitors.

Securus Technologies is a technology company that works to provide communication solutions to Correctional facilities, connecting inmates to their families, through simple and secure solutions that maintain public safety, and also advance technology in Prison. Securus works with correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies to ensure Incarcerated inmates are able to connect with their loved ones, Law enforcement and correctional facilities personnel are able to communicate crucial information and other emergencies to ensure the response is quick. Securus Technology was founded in the year 1986 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company currently works with over 3,400 law enforcement agencies and correctional Facilities, and more than 1.2 million Incarcerated inmates in the United States.


In 2014 November, through Securus Technology, we launched a new Video visitation project, first installed in Maricopa County Arizona, where the 600 Video visitation terminals would allow inmates connect with the outside world, through video calls. In 2016 January, the company employed a new sales executive to oversee and develop a sales team that would help manage the now expanding demand of our products, by both law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities. The Senior Vice President Sales, John Bell, has also served in IBM, and AT&T.


Securus Video visitation is a system that allows Family members, attorneys, and Friends to communicate with their incarcerated member, through scheduled session that gives unlimited opportunities in sharing day-to-day events such as birthdays and helping out with homework while at the comfort of your home. The Video visitation system is configured with a scheduling jail management system to ensure scheduling is done at the right time. The Video visitation system comes with numerous advantages that include its ability to record and monitor visits. This will assist investigators track leads and also reduce violence in the prison walls. It gets even better for the visitors who are able to quickly access inmates without having to go through tedious processes of long service lines, and tight schedules.


Securus Technology does not require initiating the manual process of connecting video visits. The upfront security process is already inbuilt in the system. The system has helped and lessened the bottle-neck security searches that visitors would be subjected to. The video visitation system also allows more family members to participate in the visit, and minimizes movement of inmates, which is less expensive, improves public safety, and the bonding experience between family members is more personal.

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A Brief Review Of FreedomPop’s Service

When you’re looking to get a new cell phone plan, there are many other options you can consider besides just a regular plan with a major carrier. In fact, you might see a monthly deal with the carrier that looks good, but end up having to pay much more because of activation fees, data usage, and other service fees. And unfortunately if you’re still under contract with your carrier, you’ll get slapped with an early termination fee when you try to leave. But instead of going through all of that, FreedomPop might be a better choice for you. This brief FreedomPop review explains who they are and what they do.

FreedomPop is actually the first of its kind free cell phone plan provider. Well, no it’s not all free, you have to buy your phone, but you have the choice to go with a free plan with limited talking, texting, and data usage, or you can go with one of their premium plans. FreedomPop premium plans include a WiFi plan that you can use the phone over WiFi networks for $5 a month, and an unlimited plan for $20 a month that uses areas covered by Sprint’s network with unlimited calling, texting, and data usage, although internet speeds for the data usage will slow down after the monthly cap is exceeded.

All of this is possible because of FreedomPop’s partnership with Sprint, allowing users in Sprint’s service areas to use mobile services. They started out in 2011 with Clearwire 4G, but added Sprint later to expand coverage, and in recent years have started what’s called the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option where users who may have terminated previous cell phone contracts can then move those phones under FreedomPop. In addition, you can also get home internet plans without having to go through a cable company or major DSL provider.

Now on the downside, this service is not for everyone, such as those who do a lot of traveling in rural areas or who need a wide coverage map. And their home internet plans may not be the best idea for those who use the internet for a lot of gaming or Netflix watching. But if you primarily stay in urban areas where Sprint’s service is available and your mobile usage is low enough that you could save money with their services, you may just want to give FreedomPop a try.


FreedomPop Marches Into Spain

FreedomPop is coming to Spain and doing so in an incredibly unique way. The budget mobile phone service makes its debut in the country through the popular WhatsApp service. Mobile World Live covers the news and reveals FreedomPop sees WhatsApp as being the basis for eventual growth potential in Spain. The management of FreedomPop optimistically looks to the future and sees up to one million subscribers in two years.

FreedomPop launched in the United States from its Los Angeles office with a desire to make a mark in the budget mobile phone industry. The business believed – correctly – people would notice a mobile service that provides totally free phone, text, and data. Also correct was the notion a solid number of subscribers would pay for expanded service.

All of this proved true and FreedomPop was a hit in the U.S. and a big success in the U.K. The company is now expanding across 31 countries thanks to raising $50 million in investment funds.

Spain is an interesting territory for the company to enter. WhatsApp makes up a massive amount of texting use in Spain thanks to the app being totally free. FreedomPop is sure its previous business model of success will repeat itself in Spain.


Skout is connecting with people in a new way

Skout is connecting with people in a new way. They teamed up with SF-Marin Food Bank on March 14th. Skout announced that whenever users send virtual chip bags to their friends, Skout will make a cash contribution to the SF-Marin Food Bank. They have a goal of aiding 20,000 people with meals. The CEO of Skout said that they are always thinking of new ways to use the virtual apps to help the community since the virtual apps are well-liked by many users. This isn’t the first time, Skout teamed up with the SF-Marin Food Bank. Last year, Skout contributed to the food bank and they aided 10,000 people with meals.

Skout is a location based dating app and website. It was created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. Skout started out as a mobile social networking site, but it was turning into a dating site in 2009. In February 2009, Skout branched out to have an iOS app. Before then, you could only get a non-iOS app through their website. In 2010, Skout make the app available for Android users.

In 2013, Skout made a feature to the app where a person can connect with other people while traveling. This feature became a perk for paid users. Skout also added a feature called Shake to Chat. Users can connect with people while they are shaking their phone. The people can be nameless for 40 seconds after the Shake to Chat starts. In 2014, Skout added a nightlife feature. Users can now look up events, buy events tickets for New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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The Growth of FreedomPop

RCR Wireless recently talked about the funding fuel expansion of FreedomPop with its CEO and cofounder, Stephen Stokols. Stokols has several years of experience leading in the wireless industry. For the past few of those he has been leading the company to become one of the largest of its kind in the world. “Its kind” refers to it being a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This in turn refers to wireless communications service providers who do not own the wireless network on which they work. Instead the MVNO purchases rights to a preexisting network who does own it’s a network. FreedomPop has this kind of relationship with Sprint.

And this strategy has been enormously successful for FreedomPop. It has grown in so much in popularity in recent years that it has succeeded in receiving tens of millions of dollars in funding. This funding has been a huge blessing for FreedomPop who without it would not have been able to remain an independent entity. You can view the article in its entirety at

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