Market America Continues To Out-Shine Retail Competitors through Exceptional Operations

Market America gives customers the best possible choice for their everyday needs by giving them access to the most-exclusive products online. The retail shopping innovation established by the company for providing essential products has been unmatched by any other online retailer within the industry.

Focusing On Exclusive Distributors Brings More Products

With 180,000 international high-quality distributors, Market America is able to meet the expectations and desires of three million preferred customers. The retail company has exclusive arraignments with top-brand merchants to sell their products through When customers purchase products through the site, they’re assured of the high-quality, or the company will generously accept a return in accordance with its product quality control program. Executive Senior Vice President Loren Ridinger designed the popular brand of cosmetics “Motives”.

Premium Opportunities Offer Expanding Revenue

Market America enters into contractual agreements with entrepreneurs to sell its products and become independent business owners. The company also offers the opportunity for entrepreneurs to become Premium Partners and provides state-of-the-art tools to manage their online business. As a Premium Partner, there is access to an exclusive network of preferred customers. Independent Partners have contributed to the $3.8 billion in Market America sales and have earned $2.2 billion in revenue through commission; not including incentives and individual awards.

History Brings Company Together To Celebrate

Market America holds yearly events to celebrate the performance of the company as well as the hard-working independent partners. The events are held all around the world creating an enormous amount of enthusiasm, team spirit and excitement for the company’s achievements as well as individual recognition’s. In 2017, the company held its conference in Miami, Florida celebrating its 25 year anniversary. Individual awards were also distributed at the event. In 2018, the company will hold an event in Southeast Asia for the first time in its history. Market America was founded by J.R. Ridinger and Loren Ridinger as a home-based business in their 1,500 square foot home and now has operations internationally in six countries. As of 2017, the Greensboro, North Carolina Company has 500 worldwide employees.