Dick DeVos Says Education Is Number One Priority

Richard “Dick” DeVos is a businessman, philanthropist and CEO from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is married to the current Secretary of Education for the Donald Trump

Administration. DeVos is the current CEO of the Windcrest Group, a company that focuses on consumer products, manufacturing, clean tech, and more.


DeVos is also the son of Amway co-founder Richard DeVos. Not only is the DeVos family among the richest in the U.S., they are also the sole owners of the Orlando Magic basketball team. DeVos served as CEO of the team from 1992-2000. His father recently split ownership of the team between his five children.


DeVos is currentlly married to Betsy DeVos, the newly elected Secretary of Education for the Donald Trump Administration. He and his wife run the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, a philanthropic effort to help disadvantaged individuals, support the arts and other initiatives around the state of Michigan.


During DeVos’ time running Amway, the company saw record growth and expansion to a number of countries. Many describe DeVos as personable, intelligent and a man who knows how to make things happen. His proven track record is a testament to his profit-making abilities.


DeVos and his wife have been at the forefront of school change. They are huge supporters of school choice and the charter school program. In fact, their foundation has poured millions of dollars into charter schools. DeVos started the West Michigan Aviation Academy for children who have an interest in aviation and engineering. DeVos happens to be an experienced pilot.


In 2006, DeVos ran to unseat incumbent Governor Jennifer Granholm. He eventually lost by 8 points. DeVos says it was a learning experience and he may run for office again in the future.


DeVos and his wife live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have four grown children and one grandchild.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

Analyzing Adam Milstein’s Success Story

Adam Milstein is an Israel native who moved to the US in 1981. He is the national chairperson and co-founder of the Israel-American Council. Adam is also a board member of several firms such as Jewish Funders Network, Campus Coalition, AISH Los Angeles, and StandWithUs. Adam Milstein is married to Gila Milstein. The couple has established Sifriyar Pijam B’America, a firm that offers free books in Hebrew on a monthly basis. The books teach Jewish values to over 15,000Israel-Jewish-American families living in the US.

Milstein noted that one habit that makes him more productive as an investor and entrepreneur is persistence, follow-up, and consistency during an interview with ideamensch. Milstein also noted that he has never had a bad job because he enjoys working. When asked about what he could do differently if given a chance to start again, Adam said that he believes he has made all the right choices in his life, so he doesn’t have any regrets.

Adam noted that it is essential to understand the matter in question yourself rather than relying on other people. He recommends that entrepreneurs should be part of the solution by comprehending the issue and contemplating about it. Adam notes that he does not rely on other people because he needs first to understand the problem to get the solution and be part of executing the solution. Adam said that one strategy that has helped him to grow is business is not setting specific goals. He said that setting particular goals limits him. Adam further notes that he is self-driven and works as hard as he can without paying attention to criticism. He said that it takes a few years to make money in the real estate sectors; therefore, he advises real estate investors not to pay attention to people who tell them that they are being abused and used.

Adam lives in Encino with his family. He has three daughters and three grandchildren. The Milstein Family Foundation supports several pro-Israel organizations such as Hillel, Hasbara Fellowships, Christians United for Israel, and the America Israel Foundation. Adam is also a community leader. He graduated from Technion in 1978.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Oncotarget Helps People Get Better from Cancer

When the doctors who are a part of Oncotarget are able to connect with each other, they can also learn the right way to treat cancer. While the publication has yet to help people find a cure for cancer, it is a way for them to make things easier on themselves. It is also a way for them to try different things no matter what is going on with their own lives. All of this has helped them to come up with other treatment options they may not have known about. Even students of oncology can learn about the treatments so they will be able to use them in the future with their careers. Oncotarget has changed the way oncologists treat cancer.

It has helped them learn what they need to about cancer treatment so they can be more successful with the treatment they use for all their patients.Even when Mikhail Blagosklonny was working to make things better for his patients, he was keeping the information. This was the research he was using so he could help people in the future. Now, though, he has published that information in Oncotarget. In exchange for that, he is able to use the information to help other people out. They are also publishing information he can use on his own with the cancer industry he’s a part of.

For Mikhail Blagosklonny to do this, he has to keep Oncotarget relevant and keep trying to help all his patients with the issues they have.While Mikhail Blagosklonny has included other people with Oncotarget, he wants to make sure they are all working to help stop cancer. He wants them to understand their treatments need to actually help cancer patients instead of the things they are doing. For Mikhail Blagosklonny to try these things, he has to make the best options possible. He has even learned about how anti-aging can help people have a better chance at beating cancer. The drugs can be used to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. They can also be used to help provide a valuable boost to the immune system.

Adam Milstein – Having A Heart For Israel

Some people might recognize Mr. Adam Milstein as the distinguished real estate investor. He has been extremely successful as a managing partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, with an estimation of more than 2 billion dollars in various properties nationwide. While being a real estate mogul is definitely impressive, Adam Milstein’s acts of benevolence for the Jewish community are extraordinary.

In the year 1952, Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel as the son of a real estate developer and a homemaker. His father and mother had immigrated to Israel when the state was in its infancy. In 1971, he joined the Israeli Defense Forces; he was there for the Yom Kippur War. After service to his country, he enrolled in Israel Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in the field of Economics and Business.

After marrying his wife in 1974, and moving to the United States, Adam Milstein studied at the University of Southern California and obtained his Masters in Business Administration. The year was 1983. He started employment as a sales agent for Hagar Pacific Properties and eventually became a managing associate.

Adam Milstein became familiar with the idea of philanthropy work there and would have intense conversations with his business colleagues about being a part of this type of activity. According to him, he did not just want to make money; Adam wanted to make a difference with his earnings. He and his wife had lengthy discussions about it and came up with a plan to start a foundation to focus on the needs and advancing the causes of their beloved Israel. This was the origins of the Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

The organization is at the forefront of providing Jewish students and professionals with materials to connect as well as learn more about their cultural lineage. The non-profit foundation works to fight against the hatred of anti-Semitism on college and university campuses. They also provide tools so Jewish people will have the opportunity to learn the Hebrew language that is part of their heritage. Adam Milstein has dedicated the rest of his life to placing Jewish issues front and center, while making a positive impact.

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George Soros Changes Our World

Forbes.com listed George Soros as the twenty second richest man in the world, with a net worth of $25.2 billion. In an age where everyone screams the 1% do not deserve to be there, George Soros is a shining example that anyone can make it to the top.eorge Soros was born in the country of Hungary. However, he did not stay there. After leaving the country, he went to live in London, England. There he attended the London School of Economics. How did he afford it you ask? He worked as a bottom railroad porter and waited on tables. It was the funds he used from those jobs which he used to pay for his education.After receiving his education, Soros opened up his own hedge fund, now known as Quantum Funds, with $12 million dollars. Since then, he has achieved his fortune and has begun sprinkling that money all around the world to make Earth a wonderful place.

Soros is a liberal and deeply believes in that cause. Being a hostile critic of Donald Trump, Soros has did everything he could to stop Trump’s rise to the presidency.According to Politico.com, after a small absence in campaign finance, Soros returned with a vengeance. He could not let a man like Donald Trump become president. Because of that belief, he donated over $25 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Unfortunately, even though she had the money, Clinton was unable to defect Trump in the elections.Now that Trump is president Soros has had to turn his eye to other liberal causes. Again, according to Politco.com, Soros has been a huge donor to liberal non-profits such as, Black Lives Matter, MoveOn.org, and Color of Change. The intent of his donating money is to bring hostility to the Republican Party and cause confusion, fear, disarray, and trouble within the conservative party’s ranks.

George Soros’ ideal world is a world where all have the right to vote in democratic elections and where none needs be hungry. To that end, he has donated, through Open Society Foundations, over $13 billion dollars over the last thirty years. Through his foundation Soros hopes to influence the democracy in Europe. He does not believe all Europeans enjoy their right to make their voices heard. Some European politicians criticize Soros for his passion in putting power into the hands of the people, but many see him as a shining light.Many people blame the 1% for the ills in this world and believe they are actively suppressing the 99%. One only needs to look at Soros work to know that all are not like that; in fact, Soros is doing everything he can to change that.

Dick DeVos Has Been One Of Michigan’s Greatest Education Leaders

Dick DeVos has been one of Michigan’s top entrepreneurs, growing companies such as Amway and now The Windquest Group into billion-dollar enterprises. But business isn’t the DeVos’s only passion, they also care very much about future Americans who they also hope become great entrepreneurs. Betsy DeVos was interviewed by Philanthropy Roundtable to share a little about the vision that she and Dick have. It actually started back when they were sending their own children to school and saw how difficult it was for some families to do so. They got involved with Potter’s House Christian School and started up scholarship programs under the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and would later spearhead the Great Lakes Education Project.


Dick DeVos comes from a family that values strong work ethics, but also creativity and generosity. Richard DeVos, his father helped startup Amway Corporation, a multilevel marketing company that not only made profits from the products they manufactured, but also helped other aspiring businessmen resell those products and make income of their own. Dick learned the operations of the company, and after getting his education went to work at it. He eventually took over the company after his father stepped down in 1993, and ran the business for 10 years opening up all kinds of new doors.


But Dick and Betsy wanted to help give back to their community just as their parents had done, so they started up their family foundation and began sitting on the boards at many other charities. They’ve strongly supported school of choice for all children, and have helped start the Education Freedom Fund to support that cause. They’ve also given to local shelters and humanitarian causes, as well as local churches and conservative think tanks such as Heritage Foundation, Hudson Institute, and his alma mater Northwood University.


Dick and Betsy have always championed free market economics, and Dick is the author of “Rediscovering American Values,” a book that explains the importance of such values and moral fiber that has helped make the nation strong in the past. When he became dissatisfied with the direction Michigan was heading in 2006, he decided to run against Jennifer Granholm for the Governor’s seat. He didn’t succeed, but he continued to be involved in the state Republican Party promoting causes, and in 2012 he helped get a right-to-work law passed. Dick also helped start a charter school in Grand Rapids called the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

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