Image Recognition Technology with Slyce

Image search is one of the technologies expected to impact the future of shopping positively. The ability of a customer to snap a photo shot of something that interests them and finds the same item, if not a similar item, for sale immediately is amazing to think of. Image recognition is a kind of technology that tries to identify people, buildings, objects, places, logos, or anything valuable to a customer or an enterprise. Image recognition has been pushed through by phones and tablets that have a camera installed in them.

There is a legion of applications out there offering image recognition services but of course with mixed results. An interested or potential customer can identify logos, cars, wine labels, landmarks, album covers and books among others by just snapping a photo of the item or object. They would then use an installed mobile app that connects to an image recognition software in the cloud. Visual search recognition can transform any given photo into a hyperlink of something on the internet maybe a coupon, video, information or even a service.

Image recognition can be used for many purposes among them:

• Easy tagging of people online

• Gaming

• Making mental notes

• Price comparison

• Identifying TV shows

• Augmented reality
• Image search
• Solving Sudoku puzzles
• Security

With image recognition technology, you can be able to integrate it with your native mobile app. This integration will encourage customers and even potential customers to use your native app to scan and get access to your content. Additionally, this image recognition technology can be incorporated and successfully integrated with your marketing campaign. It can be very powerful in your mobile marketing strategy. Image recognition technology can be of great use to your company. Linking your content to a picture is very possible. In case the image is searched, it will automatically and directly link itself to your content.

About Slyce

One outstanding and leading company in this field is Slyce. The firm’s leadership team with their image recognition technology have made significant steps to improve the use of internet and commerce in future as well as setting quality new standards for customer engagement. The technology has greatly impacted on image recognition. Slyce has a professional management and consulting team that facilitates the company in delivering the best services to their clientele. Its team comprises of qualified and experienced professionals so they deliver reliable services.