White Shark Media Reforms its Benchmark Customer Service Initiative

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies, White Shark Media is known to offer exceptional customer service to its clients. Since 2011, the customer service initiative of the company has often been regarded as a benchmark in its industry.

However, growth of White Shark Media is also proving a challenge for the management as it looks to take customer service levels to even greater heights. Accordingly, it has announced a major overhaul of the existing customer service setup based on the feedback generated by customers.

The new plan will help both new and existing customers while offerings several free services. For instance, new customers will get a dedicated project strategist who will help customers understand the platform and also assist with initiating the first campaign.

Unlike customary service, both new and existing customers will be called to schedule a monthly meeting on GoToMeeting software allowing the campaign strategist to follow up on the progress of each campaign. In addition to regular meetings, White Shark Media Complains team has also decided to provide a dedicated fixed-line extension to every client, where they can easily contact their respective strategists to discuss campaigns any time of the day during normal business hours.

Perhaps, existing customers are sure to appreciate the new initiative as they are allowed to select either the old platform or the new platform. Instead of automatic transfers to the new platform, existing clients who are satisfied with their existing setup will not be moved. Read more: White Shark Media – Google+

Instead, they can easily move to the new platform at a later stage. Similarly, the management has reduced the workload of project supervisors who will only manage 3 to 5 strategists. By reducing the workload, the company hopes that supervisors will be able to offer better service to individual clients by following up with SEM Strategists. Interestingly, the management will also let customers speak to supervisors if they are not happy with their SEM representatives.

As for freebies, the company will continue to offer free SEO advise to its existing customer base. Despite the fact that White Shark Media does not have SEO services, it has employed a dedicated in-house SEO team of advisors who will help clients improve their SEO irrespective of the SEO vendor clients are using.

Likewise, each client will also get free call trackers, conversion trackers and in some cases, free Google Analytics. Hopefully, the add-on services will likely help improve the existing customer service setup to an entirely new levels of service.

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