Mike Heiligenstein, A Transport Guru Talks At The Williamson County Growth Summit

The Williamson County Growth Summit is one of the most important events in Austin, whereby all the problems that the city is facing are laid out, with the hope of coming up with good, implementable solutions to the various challenges.

Every year, the summit is home to some of the most notable people from different professions, each offering some valuable insight on how to improve the quality of life and the society of the population of Austin. This year, traffic was the main subject which the summit wanted to tackle.

Over the years, the number of people coming and settling down in the city of Austin is extremely broad, owing to a better lifestyle and even better opportunities. However, when this Texan city was built, the planners did not foresee this amount of population overhaul.

Because of this increasing number of people, there is a significant amount of strain on the resources that the city has. There aren’t enough spaces for people and their vehicles that they bring along with them, causing some major transportation problems in the city.

Many notable speakers came to the summit to talk about their views and opinions on what steps the city must take. One of the more well-known speakers at the Williamson County Growth Summit was Mike Heiligenstein.

According to Supply Chain Digital, Mike Heiligenstein is known for being one of the top men in the field of transportation in the city of Austin. Mike currently serves as the Executive Director of the CTRMA which is the Central Texas Regional Mobile Authority.

He has been working for the CTRMA for quite a while now and has created quite an impact on the organization by his sheer presence. He has worked with some of the biggest and most ambitious projects that the CTRMA has undertaken. He was also a part of the upgrade of the toll booths in Austin, whereby the entire system was mechanized, making it faster and more efficient.

At the Williamson County Growth Summit, Mike spoke about the various solutions that can be implemented by the city to improve the problem of transportation and the strain on the roads that the city is currently facing. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeheiligenstein

According to him, Austin needed an entire overhaul regarding its infrastructure, which includes the construction of bigger roads to compensate for the lack of space. He also mentioned that to reduce the amount of traffic in the city, roads with right lanes would have to be constructed.