Kyle Bass on Hilary Clinton and China

Kyle Bass, being famous for his investment choices as well as comments on various topics has stated that he believes that Hilary Clinton is going to be the presidential candidate that is best for the markets. He has also stared that there might be a brief recession in the next year. He has also stated that China is not going to have what he is calling a ‘Lehman’ moment. China has been faced with economical problems as well. Other things that Kyle Bass has commented on is the negative interest rates in the United States as he talks about the differences between what certain groups have to say on the situation.

Kyle Bass himself is one of the people to watch out for when it comes to economical issues because he does not have the best track record among all investors and economists. He is the founder of Hayman Capital. One way that he got a lot of attention was by predicting the fall of the economy back in 2008. However, that proved to be a fluke over time due to his knack or making very ill-advised decisions.

Kyle Bass also has things to say about Donald Trumps. He believes that Donald Trump could be right but for wrong reasons. He has also stated that Asia has an atrophy in the bubble that it has created in which could cause a brief recession in the economy. Kyle Bass does not really believe that there is going to necessarily be persistent recessions in the United States. Kyle Bass does not believe that monetary policy is going to necessarily generate real growth.  The full story is on

3 Investing Tips From Brazilian Stock Market Businessman Igor Cornelsen

While Brazil has been rocked by scandal after scandal over the last few years, it is still a great place for investors to invest in. First and foremost, Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world. With over 200 million residents, it is a prime location for infrastructure development.

And when it comes to innovation, those who invest in Brazil are very spoiled. This is because many Brazilian products are still only available in the Brazilian market. With so much going on in the Brazilian economy, now seems like the perfect time to invest. The question is where do you start?

Top Brazilian investment banker and expert Igor Cornelsen has the answer to that question. Before investing in Brazil, Cornelsen has three very important tips he shared on the PR Newswire website that he wants you to consider.

Tip #1 – Focus on Building Relationships and Networking

Taking the time to connect with the natives is one of the best things you can do as an investor. That’s because in the world of business and finance, building relationships and networking can go a very long ways. According to Cornelsen, networking in Brazil is extremely easy.

Tip #2 – Be Prepared To Deal With A Bunch of Red Tape

When you are entering the Brazilian market, there will be plenty of regulations you will have to work around. Some of the obstacles you may face as an investor are high taxes, pervasive and often unfair bureaucracy, a very restrictive and rigid labor market and regulatory complexity just to name a few.

While the Brazilian market is no doubt growing, it is still in a very fragile state. This is why there is so much red tape you have to cut through. However, if you are willing to do the work to get around these barriers, the payoff will be well worth it.

Tip #3 – Understand The Restrictions Associated With Foreign Currency

When it comes to foreign-currency transactions, there are a lot of restrictions in place to try and control everything. If you or your business is non residential, you must find an authorized financial institution to hold the local currency for you. Keep in mind there is no single rate for exchanging foreign currency. The rate you pay will depend on the nature of the transaction.

While the official commercial rate is used most often, the Central Bank of Brazil has the right to step in and change that at any time.

Igor Cornelsen advises that there is no such thing as free money. If you aren’t using the right rate all the time, you won’t be profitable.