Kyle Bass on Hilary Clinton and China

Kyle Bass, being famous for his investment choices as well as comments on various topics has stated that he believes that Hilary Clinton is going to be the presidential candidate that is best for the markets. He has also stared that there might be a brief recession in the next year. He has also stated that China is not going to have what he is calling a ‘Lehman’ moment. China has been faced with economical problems as well. Other things that Kyle Bass has commented on is the negative interest rates in the United States as he talks about the differences between what certain groups have to say on the situation.

Kyle Bass himself is one of the people to watch out for when it comes to economical issues because he does not have the best track record among all investors and economists. He is the founder of Hayman Capital. One way that he got a lot of attention was by predicting the fall of the economy back in 2008. However, that proved to be a fluke over time due to his knack or making very ill-advised decisions.

Kyle Bass also has things to say about Donald Trumps. He believes that Donald Trump could be right but for wrong reasons. He has also stated that Asia has an atrophy in the bubble that it has created in which could cause a brief recession in the economy. Kyle Bass does not really believe that there is going to necessarily be persistent recessions in the United States. Kyle Bass does not believe that monetary policy is going to necessarily generate real growth.  The full story is on

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