Skout is connecting with people in a new way

Skout is connecting with people in a new way. They teamed up with SF-Marin Food Bank on March 14th. Skout announced that whenever users send virtual chip bags to their friends, Skout will make a cash contribution to the SF-Marin Food Bank. They have a goal of aiding 20,000 people with meals. The CEO of Skout said that they are always thinking of new ways to use the virtual apps to help the community since the virtual apps are well-liked by many users. This isn’t the first time, Skout teamed up with the SF-Marin Food Bank. Last year, Skout contributed to the food bank and they aided 10,000 people with meals.

Skout is a location based dating app and website. It was created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. Skout started out as a mobile social networking site, but it was turning into a dating site in 2009. In February 2009, Skout branched out to have an iOS app. Before then, you could only get a non-iOS app through their website. In 2010, Skout make the app available for Android users.

In 2013, Skout made a feature to the app where a person can connect with other people while traveling. This feature became a perk for paid users. Skout also added a feature called Shake to Chat. Users can connect with people while they are shaking their phone. The people can be nameless for 40 seconds after the Shake to Chat starts. In 2014, Skout added a nightlife feature. Users can now look up events, buy events tickets for New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

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The Growth of FreedomPop

RCR Wireless recently talked about the funding fuel expansion of FreedomPop with its CEO and cofounder, Stephen Stokols. Stokols has several years of experience leading in the wireless industry. For the past few of those he has been leading the company to become one of the largest of its kind in the world. “Its kind” refers to it being a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). This in turn refers to wireless communications service providers who do not own the wireless network on which they work. Instead the MVNO purchases rights to a preexisting network who does own it’s a network. FreedomPop has this kind of relationship with Sprint.

And this strategy has been enormously successful for FreedomPop. It has grown in so much in popularity in recent years that it has succeeded in receiving tens of millions of dollars in funding. This funding has been a huge blessing for FreedomPop who without it would not have been able to remain an independent entity. You can view the article in its entirety at

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Doe Deere: Lime Crime’s CEO Loves Breaking Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is perhaps best known for her makeup company Lime Crime. Her products include eye shadows and lipsticks in colors like forest green and burgundy, and the company offers a number of sparkly products that are sure to make anyone stand out. Deere has faced some challenges on her path to becoming a well-known name in cosmetics, but that hasn’t stopped her from being bold and fearless when it comes to makeup, hair and fashion.

Every year, fashion and beauty magazines often compose a list for their September issues, letting fashion enthusiasts know which trends are hot for the upcoming season. However, Doe Deere makes it clear that true freedom comes from people expressing themselves with their fashion and beauty choices.

For instance, wearing socks with open-toe shoes has long been seen as a fashion faux pas. Doe Deere, however, says there’s nothing wrong with wearing a patterned sock with your favorite pair of open-toed heels. She also supports the idea of wearing more than one pattern at a time. Showing off various textures in one outfit shows a sense of individuality and can make an outfit particularly interesting.

Doe Deere also says that wearing brightly colored hair can make you stand out, and that you don’t have to wear black or muted colors when you have bold hair. Deere is known for wearing her hair in eye-catching shades of blue and pink, and often has show-stopping clothing on to make her look even more impressive.

When it comes to wearing age-appropriate clothing, Doe Deere says that people should wear what makes them feel good. She shares that she even has to convince her own mother to wear clothing that she enjoys. Deere also says that people shouldn’t worry about wearing clothing that is occasion-specific.

Finally, Deere also shares that wearing bold makeup is completely acceptable. While most people wear a smoky eye with a nude lip, or a bold lip with nude eye shadow, Doe says that wearing a bold eye and lip together is just fine.

Helane Morrison Career Ventures

Helane Morrison is most definitely admired by many people from her colleagues to those she has interacted with in her career life. Her entire life has been a journey of ethical integrity and the ability to do the right thing. Her character is not something easy for many people, but she has managed to rise to breaking the ceiling in careers that were entrusted to men. Since her embarking in the duty of compliance, all Morrison has done is to wipe out corruption and those avoiding the rules. She has never soiled her name a weakness with many compliance officers. Helane Morrison is also on the top position to encourage the women to take the top most position in the corporate world. Her trust is at a time when many Americans do not trust even the bank with their money. 

At the age of 46 years, she had the ability to manage lots of areas in enforcement and management that were within her jurisdiction in the San Francisco area and joined Hall Capital as a seasoned compliance officer. Morrison became a lawyer in practice back in 1996 after her studies in law from California Berkley School of Law according to her Bloomberg page. She has had lots of interaction with law enforcement especially in suing brokers who lied to investors. Back then Morrison advised people to understand orders because failure to understand orders one would not question what happened to them she defended Securities Exchange Commission in a case that was in offense to the commission. She has no fear, and she has charged in a court ‘who is who’ in the investment world with the likes of huge corporations like Google.

Morrison has brought a paradigm shift in the financial world because she is self-made and a lady with an impossible to intimidate attitude. Her first degree was Bachelors of Journalism from the North Western University Illinois before pursuing law. She also has a Jurist doctorate. She worked with the Supreme Court before venturing into private practice back in 1986. Her achievements are even recorded in Google especially with how she handled corrupt traders with leading is series of serious investigations. 3 of these major cases led to enactment. Her incorporation of law to finance has brought a different thinking of the duty of compliance officers. Morrison has brought new trust in the financial sector. She managed to expose deals in the government like the one of the Earnest and Young that was so corrupt. She has an intrinsic motivation that one would wish to acquire.

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Dick DeVos Pledges Support to Marco Rubio

In a major announcement, the DeVos family has pledged to support Marco Rubio in his campaign to become the GOP nominee for the 2016 presidential election. Dick DeVos granted an exclusive interview to the Detroit News and confirmed that following Jeb Bush’s departure from the race, the DeVos family will be funding and endorsing Rubio as the hopeful Republican nominee. The DeVos family has a shared history with Rubio through their joint advocacy of education reform. However this is the first time in the 2016 race that the DeVos family has publicly endorsed a particular candidate. 

Dick DeVos is certainly no stranger to politics. He ran for governor of Michigan in 2006 and has continued to play an active role in state, local and national politics. DeVos’ father, Richard M. DeVos Sr., has also been an active donor to national politics and has consistently supported the Republican party (Source: Dick DeVos has followed in the successful footsteps of his father in many respects.

DeVos served in a range of executive positions at Amway, including as President of Amway from 1993 to 2002. This should come as no surprise, given that his father was a co-founder of Amway (read more about his time with Amway in this MLive feature article). DeVos has had continued professional success as the President and CEO of the Orlando Magic and in his current position as President of the Windquest Group. 

What has distinguished DeVos as a widely recognized leader is his commitment to philanthropy and community activism, in addition to his incredible professional success. Along with his wife, Betsy DeVos, he established the Education Freedom Fund, which as granted more than 4,000 scholarships to deserving children in Michigan.

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

True to his hometown roots, DeVos remains actively engaged in philanthropic projects based in Michigan, including founding the West Michigan Aviation Academy for Michigan high school students. DeVos has pursued his passion for education in serving on the Michigan State Board of Education and his passion for flight at the charter school he founded.

With the DeVos’ endorsement now officially public, all eyes will be on Rubio to see how he performs in the Michigan primary on Tuesday, March 8.

Learn more about his career by visiting Dick’s New Netherland Institute profile.

Queens of Drama is Slaying in the Ratings

Queens of Drama is an exciting reality tv show that features a cast of ex daytime tv stars. The cast stars Lindsay Hartley,Crystal Hunt,Vanessa Marcil,Chrystee Pharris,Hunter tylo, and Donna Mills. The stars play fictionalized characters of themselves. Lindsay Hartley and crystal Hunt are constantly at each others throats without fear of openly showing disdain for one another.Vanessa Marcil plays the domineering roll. She brings in Donna Mills to enhance the project when things go completely in the opposite direction. Donna Mills doesn’t waste anytime letting her presence be known.

She set’s up a meeting with the network without consulting the other ladies and things spin out of control.The ladies are so upset that they consider replacing Mills,so they end up bringing on Joan Collins as a possible replacement for Donna Mills. Chrystee Pharris is the virtual referee of the cast keeping Crystal Hunt and Lindsay Hartley from ripping each other apart. This is a very unique show in a sense of casting former daytime stars in a reality tv show setting. People fall inlove with daytime tv stars and would love to follow their lives after they are no longer on soaps and Queens of Drama gives them insight on where there favorite daytime actresses are now.

Crystal Clarese Hunt, found here on Facebook, was born in Clearwater,FL. She started her career by participating in beauty pageants. She also starred in many commercials,including one for The 25th aniversary celebration for The Walt Disney Company. She is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding the daughter of Philip and beth Raines on the daytime soap opera Guiding Light,which she played from(2003 to 2006). She recieved a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 2005 for Outstanding Young Actress in a Drama Series. Metacritic shows that Crystal also appeared in several featured films. She appeared in the film The Derby Stallion, and she also appeared in the Universal Pictures film Sydney White as “Dinky”. In February 2009 she joined ABC’s One Life to Live, Crystal would play the character Stacey Morasco. She left the show in 2010 only to return as the ghostly Stacey in Clint Buchanan’s vision of hell in January 2012.

CrunchBase indicates that Crystal is also the avid entrepreneur opening up a high end pet boutique called “My Pets Dream Boutique,” in her hometown of Clearwater,Florida. She also branched out and became a successful producer.