Paul Mampilly Sees New Outlook For Healthcare Stocks Coming

Paul Mampilly is a former Wall Street investment advisor who now writes independent newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. He does a lot of research on stock prices and what to expect down the road, and one of his recent articles is how Amazon entering the healthcare market could be bad for pharma stocks. Amazon recently has been looking to short certain healthcare stocks and several companies have seen their stock prices decrease over the last several months. What Amazon intends to do is bring transparency into the pharmaceutical industry and eventually run a system selling medication that would cut out the middleman. Mampilly is warning any of his followers who might hold any of these current stocks.

Paul Mampilly has a degree in accounting and finance from Montclair State University in New Jersey and an MBA from Fordham. He spent much of the early part of his career working for several major banks around the world including Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Banker’s Trust and a private Swiss bank. He became versed in a variety of different investments from stock trading to mutual funds and credit analysis and alternative investments. He also became cofounder of Capuchin Consulting and a portfolio manager at Kinetics International Fund.

Kinetics International became one of the most reputable hedge funds while Mampilly was there with some institutional investors seeing as high as 20℅ annual returns in their portfolio. Mampilly even was featured several times in Barron’s Magazine for his work. Templeton Investments, the parent company to the Templeton Foundation hosted a portfolio competition in 2008 that Mampilly won by making trades on $50 million in stock and yielding $88 million in one year, even though the financial crisis was at its peak.

Eventually, Mampilly began to get tired o f the way Wall Street only served the accredited clients and felt it was time to retire. He was only 42 when he did so, and that’s when he decided to run an independent financial advisory company. His first newsletter, “Profits Unlimited” attracted over 60,000 followers who loved how Mampilly showed them how to buy stocks without going through a broker. Several stocks Mampilly has had in his own portfolio over the years include Facebook, Sarepta Therapeutics and Netflix.

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