Personalized health with IDLife

Nearly all of us has some sort of health and fitness goal that we are working on. Some of us are interested in losing weight, others and building muscle and some of us just want to go about the day with more energy. Because we all have different goals we all go about them in different ways. This begs the question, “Why do health supplements pretend like they will solve everything?”

Logan Stout, the founder and CEO of IDLife couldn’t understand why companies make such wild promises while providing the exact same solution for each and every customer. This is why he decided to make a change and how we do nutrition.

This is the foundation of IDLife. Not only are fitness goals different from person to person, so are our individual body types. It’s for this reason before you can purchase supplements you are undergo an assessment to determine your individual needs. This evidence based assessment not only helps keep the necessary out, it helps to come and keep prices low by only including what’s most important for your body.

Of course future of this model are the sales representatives that work with the company. Products are not sold in stores because they could not be sufficiently customized this way, they are only available on an individual basis from local distributors. By doing it this way, individuals can start their own small business selling a product that is truly special and tailored to each person. In addition the customer always has someone they know personally come to with answers for help. Click here to watch video.

It is this level of a relationship between business and customer that has made IDLife instant success. We expect personalized service and consideration from our trainer at the gym, and now thanks to IDLife we can get the exact same level of care from our nutrition.