Ross Abelow’s School, Work and Achievements

Lawyers play a critical role in the maintenance of law and order. Though many people may find this work to be boring, Ross Abelow finds it enjoyable and fun to do, as he meets and deliberate over different cases. For one to be a competent attorney and win many clients like him, they need to be smart and well read. Over his 24 years of service, this lawyer has continually exhibited overboard proficiency in research skills, unmatched oratory skills, the ability to work for long hours without supervision and much more. You are sure to win your case upon choosing such a law representative.

Ross Abelow went to the University of New York at Albany, where he studied Political Science. He also attained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, English, and History from the same institution. He joined the Brooklyn School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1989, and would then register as a certified lawyer in the state of New York in 1990 after passing the bar. Since that year, Abelow has practiced law and flourished in matrimonial, family, litigation, commercial laws, athlete contracts and will making.


As an entertainer, you need your contract law reviewed appropriately; you can look up on him to review it at any time. Entertainment law can be very complex. He has quite an experience, as in the past he has represented some finest New York entertainers with their contracts, legal and property reviews.

Matrimonial Law
He is well known to have a light touch as required in divorce law negotiations. Upon his indulgence in the case, his clients, (divorcees) feel they have appropriate representation. He ensures that both sides get a fair deal after any court process.

Crème de la Crème attorney
His eloquence and versatility so far make Ross stand out. Many lawyers only specialize in specified cases; however he has defied the norm by handling various specialties of the law and doing so well in them.

Ross’ Accomplishments
He has accomplished a lot throughout his service as a lawyer, such as his partnership with the renowned Abelow and Cassandro LLP, which have offices in Jericho NY and New York, NY. You will remember him for his recent move dubbed ‘GofundMe,’ which helps stray or abandoned pets in New York during extreme weather, such as winter.

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